Revitalice® your pain away with our revolutionary, yet simple, ice pack and strap system

Focused Ice Therapy®

  • Gets colder than ice and stays cold
  • Soft exterior and flexible filling
  • Innovative straps and holders target any area and keep the pack in place


RevitalIce Ice Pack Pack and Neck Strap Made in The USA
Ice Pack Neck Strap Ice Therapy System

A First of its Kind, Revolutionary, Yet Simple Ice Pack

and multi strap system

This ice pack system uses patent pending features that allow you to target the areas that need ice while limiting the exposure to areas that do not.

Relieve Your Muscle Pain With RevitalIce® Focused Ice Therapy!

Pain Relief with the Revitalice® Ice Pack and Accessories

Revitalice is an innovative approach for applying ice treatments to strains, sprains, spasms and bruises. The innovating strapping system enables the user to apply cryotherapy directly to wherever on the body it’s needed. What I particularly enjoy about this product is that for most applications it gives you the freedom to move about during treatments. You don’t have to sit still for 15-20 minutes as you do with traditional ice applications. Recently I did an 8-mile hike in the hills and the next day my hip was hurting. I was able to strap the ice pack to my hip, affording me pain relief exactly where it was hurting all the while maintaining enough mobility to get things done at the same time. Revitalice is my “go to” solution for most ice therapy applications.

Dr. Jeffrey Forman Phd, BCTMB, CMT

Dr. Foreman is a world renowned author, professor, consultant, researcher and speaker on the subject of massage therapy with special emphasis on AMT and massage. He has served on the Scientific Advisory Board for Performance Health Inc.
RevitalIce Ice Pack Ice Therapy System

The ice pack that will change the way you deal with pain.

RevitalIce Ice Pack Ice Therapy System

Focused Ice Therapy

The Ice Pack That Will Change the Way You Deal With Pain.

Revitalice – Ice Packs to Treat the Pain

Focused Ice Therapy means targeting the area that hurts. Revitalice is not your ordinary pain management ice pack.

Back Pain Treatment

Revitalice helps treat:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sports Injury
  • Loss of Mobility
  • Sciatica
  • Chronic Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Muscle Strain
  • Pulled Muscles
  • Ankle Pain – Strained ankles
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscular Pain
  • Sleepless Nights From Pain

Designed for Muscle Pain Relief

See how the Revitalize® System revolutionized home ice therapy

RevitalIce Ice Pack Ice Therapy

The Ice Pack that Doesn’t Leak or Sweat

Ice Pack Ice Therapy No sweat

Revitalice ice pack is designed to be placed directly against your skin, right out of the freezer. The patent pending design allows for the transfer of cold while staying dry.

The Comfortable Ice Pack with Soft Corners

Ice Pack Ice Therapy System

Rounded corners on the Revitalice Ice Pack make using this ice pack more comfortable. There are no more pointy edges to poke and annoy you while you are trying to get pain relief.

The Ice Pack that Stays Colder Longer

RevitalIce Ice Pack

Rely on a specially engineered ice pack that is manufactured in a sealed pouch, allowing it to achieve colder temperatures than typical ice while the ice pack remains dry and reusable.

The Ice Pack That Stays In Place

Ice Pack Strap System

Use any one of our accessories to keep the Revitalice ice pack in place. Each accessory allows the user to target a specific area of the body without totally limiting motion.

All our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Made in the USA
Ice Pack Strap System

What makes Revitalice® stand out?


We provide an ice pack cold therapy system like no other that directly addresses the source of your pain with Focused Ice Therapy®. With the Revitalice multi-strap system, you can focus on the pain.

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After Work or Play, Revitalice® Focused Ice Therapy® …

After a long day at the office or after the big game, you can experience aches and pains. Use Revitalice Focused Ice Therapy to help get you ready for whatever comes next.

Proven Pain Relief

Using the power of “ICE” to Revitalice your pain away

Revitalice your pain away today with focused ice therapy.


Finally, an ice pack that is of the right size and that stays cold for more than five minutes. And on top of that, it is pliable so it conforms to me. – TD

I was using ice therapy and it was helping. I had purchased a typical drug store ice bag at my local drug store but it was difficult to keep it in place. My Revitalice® belt solved the problem with comfort and ease. – SO

I have been dealing with back pain for years. I have tried everything—hot, cold, pills. Ice works the best in getting quick relief. The Revitalice® belt made sense to me and I tried it. It really helps! – NS

How to Use Revitalice

Quick videos demonstrating how to use Revitalice Ice Packs.

About Revitalice

Discover how we created our Focused Ice Therapy Ice Packs that target pain.

Ice Therapy Solutions

Common pain issues and how Revitalice can help with Focused Ice Therapy

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